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Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Every year more than 5 million people visit Canada. Whether you’re coming to Canada as a tourist, student or temporary worker however, if you get sick or have an accident while visiting, you will have to pay for your hospital or medical services. Why? Well, Canada’s Medicare system, while “free” to residents is not free to visitors, and the expenses incurred for treatment in Canada, may or may not be covered by insurance from your home country. That’s why it is so important to make sure you have emergency visitors travel health insurance.

Most travel insurance companies that offer travel medical insurance for Canadians travelling out of country also offer insurance for visitors to Canada. It is advisable to arrange for this coverage before arriving, or within a few days of arrival.

Visitors to Canada travel insurance provides emergency medical coverage for anyone in Canada who is not covered by a provincial health insurance plan. This typically includes tourists and recent immigrants who are waiting for their provincial healthcare coverage to kick in. Did you know that there is a three-month waiting period to be eligible for provincial health insurance for permanent residents of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick? That’s why it’s so important for new immigrants to apply for temporary private travel health insurance coverage which can be bought as a visitors to Canada travel insurance policy.

What does visitors to Canada travel insurance include?
Of course every travel insurance policy varies depending on the travel insurer (that’s why it’s important to read the policy before you buy), but often:

  • You can get a variety of visitors to Canada coverage limits typically ranging from $10,000 to $150,000
  • It will cover an in-patient stay in the hospital for emergency reasons, or out-patient emergency treatment in a hospital
  • You will be covered for the cost of the emergency services of the physician or surgeon (and related medical field personnel), and the drugs or medicines while hospitalized

It’s important to note that if you are planning to visit another country, in addition to Canada (say you plan to cross the border and go to the US) not all visitors to Canada travel insurance policies will provide you coverage for medical services obtained while not in Canada. While some straight out say, that all non-Canada emergency hospital services are excluded (i.e. not included in the policy) there are other policies that state they will provide: “coverage for travel outside of Canada (excluding your country of origin), as long your trip originates and terminates in Canada and 50% of your period of coverage is spent in Canada.”

So there’s a lot of variability in what you can get in a visitors to Canada travel insurance policy. While it may sound confusing, really it’s not and through KTX Financial we have tried to make getting travel insurance simple. Our service allows you to compare not only cost, but also to compare prices on different plans from multiple travel insurance providers.

With KTX Financial’s travel insurance comparison service; you can get travel insurance quotes from multiple providers easily online. You submit your information only once, which saves you time. Our user-friendly interface will display competing quotes from competing insurers side-by-side, which helps you save money! With the rates offered in black-and-white you are sure to find low cost visitors travel health insurance.

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