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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance for Canadians
It is often said, that when packing for a vacation, first pack your bag and exchange your money as you normally would; then place both on the table, and take half the clothes, and twice the money!

Wise counsel indeed, but where does the purchase of travel insurance fall? Unlike the half of your clothing that should be left behind, travel health insurance should never be left behind. In fact, along with your money and passport, travel health insurance is one of the most important items that you should be sure to pack.

What is travel insurance?
Also known as travel medical insurance or travel health insurance, simply put, it is broadly designed to cover certain unexpected costs that may arise when you are travelling.

For instance, as Canadians, our provincial health insurance plans mean we rarely see a medical bill, but once we venture to foreign climes our provincial health plans may not apply, and if they do, may not apply enough. Canadian travel insurance policies are designed to meet these emergency medical costs.

Apart from medical treatment, there are other unexpected events that make insurance for travel an essential purchase. Calamities such as trip cancellation, lost baggage, or trip interruption can make us lose not only our temper, but also money if not adequately covered.

Needless to say, given the range of unexpected costs that may arise, to ensure peace of mind everyone wants the best travel insurance, but also cheap travel insurance. There is no one travel insurance policy that adequately covers every individual’s needs and circumstances, which is why there are a variety of travel insurance options available for purchase. That way you are getting the best travel insurance specifically for your needs, without having to pay for features you may not need or want.

Some Canada travel insurance policies cover single trip insurance where for one trip, with a specific start and end date, you are covered for whatever the travel insurance policy specifies. And if you’re a frequent traveller, a multi trip travel insurance policy can be purchased. A multi-trip policy, is typically good for one year (hence it is sometimes referred to as an annual travel insurance policy) and comes in a variety of trip lengths.

It’s important to note that apart from length of coverage, not all travel insurance Canada plans cover the same costs. For example, the trip cancellation insurance you buy might not necessarily cover medical costs, and vice-versa, the travel health insurance you buy may not cover the costs associated with cancelling or interrupting your trip, or even losing your luggage.