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Health Insurance

As Canadians, we are fortunate to have access to both public and private health insurance plans. If you’re covered under your province’s public health care plan (often referred to as Medicare) you’ll typically be provided comprehensive coverage of core health care services. However private health insurance, also commonly referred to as supplementary health insurance, offers coverage for often non-core services that are either not covered, or not fully covered, by your government plan.

Many Canadians have found the need to supplement their public health care plan coverage.

So what would typically come under the umbrella of supplementary health insurance? While there are few hard and fast rules as every health care policy varies, the most common supplementary health coverages sought under a health insurance plan include dental, prescriptions, and vision care.

Who needs supplementary health care coverage? Most people looking to buy additional health care coverage are those who do not have it already through a group health plan (typically from your place of employment), entrepreneurs without group plan coverage, retirees, people who need (or have dependents who need) additional coverage for special needs, or people who simply want to top-up the supplemental coverage they have through work.

Luckily, it is possible to arrange for an individual plan through a health insurance agent. Health insurance agents can help you arrange affordable health insurance that can supplement your government health care, group health care benefits, or both.

While everyone wants cheap health insurance, we also want our health insurance agent to help us find affordable health insurance that provides both us and our dependents with the best health care coverage. KTX Financial can help you optimize your search for the best health insurance quote for you and your dependents.

So if you’re looking to supplement your existing medical health plans, start your search with our free price comparison engine. Our engine will supply you with individualized health insurance quotes tailored to your personalized needs and circumstances from competing health insurance providers. Our price comparison tool displays health insurance rates side-by-side, allowing you the benefit of perusing the various health plans on offer before speaking to an experienced health insurance agent.

Our price comparison service is free, and there is no obligation involved. Start your search for supplementary health insurance with a free price comparison from multiple suppliers now.