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Mortgage Loans

Our free online mortgage rate comparison tool gives you access to a variety of bank mortgages and lenders. For example, we display the mortgage rates offered by mortgage company A, directly alongside the rate offered by mortgage company B, thus giving you a snapshot of the published mortgage rates side-by-side!

Whether you will be pre-paying your mortgage, making weekly payments, or need the flexibility of breaking your mortgage early with little or no penalty, there is a product out there for everyone and it is our job to help you find that product. Unlike a bank that has 5-6 products and will try to fit you into one of them, we have access to dozens of lenders, each with 5 or more products, giving us availability to hundreds of products.

Online Mortgage Tool

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Also available online at, this tool is designed to help you calculate your monthly payments, total interest, amortization period and savings to help you choose the best mortgage rate and repayment schedule.

Mortgages and mortgage rates

A mortgage is for most people, the single biggest financial commitment they will make in their lives. If that was not scary enough, it seems to also be one of the hardest financial-centric words to spell. At least this is how it seems since mortage and morgage is the 10th and 11th most searched mortgage-related term respectively in Google!

Many people looking for a mortgage are looking for a home mortgage. Others are specifically looking for a home equity mortgage, or a refinancing mortgage (mortgage refinance). In markets where demand for home ownership is at its highest, one can expect to be presented with an array of mortgage loans, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and mortgage rates.

Trying to make sense of the plethora of options is often one of the biggest challenges mortgage shoppers encounter, whether it’s their first mortgage, second mortgage or third. No matter what the current mortgage rate it always pays to shop around vigorously so that you can save as much as you can by paying as little as possible in mortgage interest.

The rate at which this interest is paid is the mortgage rate; the party to whom it is paid is the mortgage lender or mortgagee, and the person responsible for repaying the mortgage and mortgage interest is the mortgagor. Shopping for competitive mortgage interest rates and lenders does not have to be complex with the help of mortgage brokers who have a specialized knowledge of mortgages in Canada.

Our mortgage brokers use sophisticated comparison tools which allow for multiple scenarios and circumstances, so whether you are searching for home mortgage that is a fixed closed mortgage, variable closed mortgage, fixed open mortgage or a variable open mortgage, we can point you in the right direction.

For this reason our tool is not only useful to the novice property buyer, but also to the seasoned home owner. Those with poor credit looking for a bad credit mortgage can also be incorporated into our pricing tool. The real advantage is that our mortgage rate comparison facility is free to you, the consumer, as well as being no obligation.

Get started on finding the best Canadian mortgage for you today!