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Critical Illness & Critical Care Insurance

KTX Financial Ltd. helps Canadians coast-to-coast find the right critical illness insurance. Founded in 2002, KTX Financial's critical illness insurance brokerage services are available online, by telephone or by email. However you choose to contact us you will always receive the personalized touch required to customize an insurance portfolio that meets your needs.

The brokers at KTX Financial do not work on commission and are dedicated to providing customers with both competitive rates and personalized service. No sales pressure, no obligations - just low rates

Critical illness insurance is a unique insurance product. In short, it provides the payment of a lump sum for the insured should they be diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in the insurance policy. It is an insurance policy which is sold with the intention of offsetting the financial hardship often experienced by those recovering from a critical illness.

Critical illness protection can be used in any way by the insured. It can be used to pay for the medical costs often associated with recovery, to combat the costs arising from a decreased ability to earn, or to offset the costs associated with a change in lifestyle as a result of illness.

Life insurance and critical illness are often confused. Broadly speaking, the main difference is that critical insurance pays out the insured while he or she is still living, whereas life insurance policies pay upon the death of the insured.

Critical illness insurance is known by many names including critical care insurance, crisis cash, serious illness insurance and living insurance. In Canada, it is more often than not referred to as either Critical Illness or Critical Care Insurance.

As with other types of insurance, competing insurers will offer varying quotes. The quotes are a function of the profile of the would-be insured, as well as the range of conditions included in the coverage.

As an individual, your critical illness insurance quote is calculated by ascertaining your perceived ‘risk profile’. For example, smokers are thought to be more susceptible to certain critical illnesses; hence their quotes are generally higher than similar quotes offered to non-smokers.

Critical illness insurance quotes vary considerably between critical illness insurance companies, so it pays to compare in order to get the best critical care insurance price. Critical care insurance rates vary, in part, because of the number of conditions covered. A critical illness insurance policy that covers 40 critical illnesses will likely cost more than a policy that only covers 20.

KTX Financial’s online price comparison service allows you to compare critical illness quotes from multiple insurers in minutes. The search engine takes into account all the necessary factors, allowing you to compare rival quotes side-by-side.

Using the tool helps you pinpoint which insurer offers cheap critical illness insurance that meets your individual needs. The optimum critical illness protection varies greatly from person to person; this is reflected by our price comparison tool which allows you to incorporate your personal profile into the calculation of your quote.